Capsule Slip Rings

Slip rings are electromechanical devices designed to transmit electrical and data signals between stationary and rotating parts. These devices feature fixed carbon graphite brushes that make contact with a rotating metal ring. In other designs, the metal ring is fixed while the brushes are joined to a rotating metal housing. There are various types of slip rings and models are designed for specific applications. The common types include through-hole, pancake, USB, PCB, Fiber Optic and Capsule slip rings, among others. Since many applications require signal transmission between stationary and rotating interfaces, slip rings are part of various systems ranging from simple induction motors to wind turbines and aerodromes.

What are capsule slip rings and where are they used?

Capsule slip rings are miniature designs meant for a wide variety of low-cost applications that require power and signal transmission. They are prevalent in video signal transmission systems but have various other uses, including in CCTV camera video transmission. You can also find advanced capsule slip rings modeled for military applications. A standard capsule slip ring features diameter range from 22mm to 25mm, with 2 to 56 circuit counts. The best designs feature improved noise reduction, better contact surface plating and the flexibility to accommodate low and high current signals as well as high power. Capsule slip rings are generally small in size and feature precision designs optimized for consistent conductivity at low torque and significantly reduced electric noise. These slip rings come with factory standards that are regulated by noteworthy standard organizations and international partners to ensure they meet minimum specifications and requirements in their applications.

Top 8 capsule slip rings

1. MC190 Series

The MC190 Series capsule slip rings feature lightweight wire with 22mm outer diameter and 2 amperes signal strength per ring. Like other slip rings, these economical, cost-effective capsule slip rings come with gold-gold surface contacts for reliable transmission and maximum component durability. The MC190 Series slip rings are standard in civilian business operations, although you can find advancements, such as MC1909, which is designed for high-end operations, such as security and military. These recent models feature gold-coated ultra-thick metal rods.

2. MC260 Series

The MC260 Series is easily one of the best when comparing popular capsule slip rings in the market. This standard slip ring features gold-gold electrical sliders that ensure the consistent transmission of power and data signals. They have a wide variety of applications in the military, commercial and civil sectors. Capsule slip rings in the MC260 Series also feature thick gold plated contact surfaces for augmented performance, component longevity and efficiency in signal transmission. Other features include rare military-grade metal alloys for the brushes and imported bearing.

3. MC400 Series

The MC400 Series is unique from all other designs and is modeled for electric systems that require endless unregulated rotations for power and data signal transmission. These capsule slip rings feature a24- wire and are some of the most popular models you will come across in the market. The outer diameter is 22mm and the design is lightweight, featuring basic brush block and rotor in the full assembly. MC400 capsule slip rings use a simple design that suits various commercial and military applications, which explains their popularity

4. MC330 Series

The MC330 Series slip rings came as improvements to the MC301 Series and are mainly used in commercial and civilian areas. These slip rings feature standard gold plated brushes and might use imported bellows, especially those for army and defense applications. Because of the rare metal alloy used in the model, it boasts improved surface contact durability, efficient signal transmission and low maintenance requirement. These slip rings are also flexible and can suit a wide variety of applications and you can customize them to meet your demands.

5. MC573 Series

The MC573 Series became popular for its steady signal transmission and feature advanced brush plating technology for the contact surfaces. These capsule slip rings are designed for applications that require more corrosion resistance and anti-abrasion. Despite their popularity, this series was quickly replaced by the MC3-9 model, which has advanced features customized for military and defense operations. The older slip rings are popular in different security and defense systems.

6. Capsule Gliding Rings

Also known as the MC857 Series, capsule gliding rings are designed to provide uninterrupted signal transmission at high speeds. The device features rare metal alloys used to improve the overall efficiency and functionality of the slip ring. Contact surface plating technology also ensures the brushes and rings take longer to wear out. Devices in the MC857 Series are used in commercial and military applications, like most capsule slip rings, so you can find standard models. However, you should order custom specifications for your equipment and unique application requirements.

7. Mini Type

Mini Type slip rings are designed for applications that involve parts making infinite 360-degree rotations. They offer fast, seamless power and data signal transmission at speeds up 300RMP (revolutions per minute), which is ideal for both analog and digital signals. Mini Type slip rings also have reduced operation pressure and noise. They feature ball-bearing steel that ensures maximum durability for the design.

8. 5mm

As the name suggests, 12.5mm capsule slip rings are miniature models that feature small 12.5mm diameter and use gold contacts that brush a rotary interface. They are fitted with a rotor and stator that feature color-coded lead connector wires. The slip rings offer uninterrupted signal transmission and boast advanced plating for surface contacts as well as rare metal alloys. 12.5mm slip rings also operate at low torque and have a significantly reduced rate of wear. 12.5mm capsule slip rings have unique applications in hydraulic, fluid and electrical systems.


Capsule slip rings have unique applications in the military and commercial sectors and their manufacture is regulated to ensure consistent quality and standards. As such, several vendors can provide functional devices customized to your needs. However, not all offers are the same, so you will notice various distinctions across existing slip rings. It is essential to purchase devices with unique specifications for your equipment and operating environment. You should also choose popular vendors with a positive reputation in the market.


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