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With the modern advanced technology, slip rings are inevitable. That is because they make the transmission of electric current, data, and signals easier in rotating devices. How many kinds of slip rings are there on the market?

We all agree that a slip ring is an essential part of any system that rotates 360 to work. That is because slip rings make it possible to transfer power and data from the rotor to the stator without causing any damage to wires.

For that reason, slip ring manufacturers are making different types of slip rings to suit different purposes. The following are the different types of slip rings available in the market:

Pancake Slip Ring

They are flat and have a disc shape. These rings are used in devices that are to be used in limited space. The electrodes of the slip ring are on the flat disc while the concentric ring is at the inner of a rotating shaft. It is also equally vital to note that in this slip ring, wear debris remains on the surface in case of wearing. So, where is the slip ring used?

The slip rings are used in an industrial setting where the is limited space. It can be in manufacturing or some other device that is placed in a small area.

pancake slip ring

Fiber Optic Slip Ring

With the increasing need for transmitting data and signals in different settings, the fiber optic slip ring comes in handy. That is because they aid in effectively sending data and signals from static to moving parts without loss or distortion. They are helpful when there is a need to transfer two or four-way signals, and that explains why manufacturers are Keen when making the device.

Where are the slip rings used? They find extensive applications in industrial and other settings where there is a need for signal and data transfer, like communication devices and computers.

electrical FORJ

Ethernet Slip Ring

They are the most advanced slip rings. Using Ethernet, the slip ring maintains connection and transfer power while controlling circuits and data. Manufacturers prefer the use of the slip ring since it has an infinite purpose, reduces the loss of data, and cross talk. So, where do you find the Ethernet slip ring?

Due to their advantages of overcoming all the challenges a slip ring is supposed to, it finds full use in military equipment like a walkie-talkie, radio, and other communication devices. It is used in robotics too.

Ethernet through hole slip ring

Mercury Wet Slip Ring

They are a unique type of slip ring that is available in the market. Manufacturers prefer the slip ring due to its sturdy connection and low-slung resistance. Why is the slip ring unique?

They are unique in the sliding contact. While other slip uses a resistant steel metal as the contact point, the Mercury wet slip ring uses a pull of liquid metal that is carefully selected to suit the purpose.

Due to the unique features that the slip ring has, manufacturers find the slip ring suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

Wireless Slip Ring

It is another unique slip ring that does not really on the usual brush and metal contact to transmit power and signals. It carries the data and power wirelessly using electromagnetic fields produced utilizing the connection at the rotating and static points.

The wireless slip ring is widely used in many fields. Since it doesn’t need wiring and much contact, it can be used in remote control systems, robotics, and other places where a connection is not necessary.

Pneumatic Slip Ring

The type of the slip ring is for transport in pneumatic pressure. The slip rings work effectively to transfer power and signals while still effectively separating and stabilizing liquid. The 360 rotation does not affect the working of the device, and that makes the slip ring suitable.

In manufacturing industries, where a lot of separation happens, the slip ring comes in handy. That is because it ensures data and power transfer, making the separation process easier, faster, and according to the desired results. They find use in offshore drilling rigs and geotechnical tools.

Capsule Slip Ring

They are the kind of slip ring you should go for when you are working with a low budget and want something small. That is because the slip ring is the best, small slip ring you can find attached to a pocket-friendly budget. Don’t underestimate the power of the slip ring because it is small. It has gold-to-gold contact that eliminates corrosion, and noise and hence is sturdy and long-lasting.
The slip ring has a broad use due to its small size and budget. The slip ring is found in CCTV, videos, and other little rotating gadgets that need power and signal transmission.


Waterproof Slip Ring

Just as the name suggests, they are the slip rings to use when marine transmission is necessary. That is because the slip ring enables the transfer of power and signals in places where there is moisture, corrosion, and underwater. When buying the slip ring, it is essential to note that the slip ring is according to fortification grades like IP65, and IP67.

When it comes to the uses, the slip ring is found on devices that work underwater, in places where there is very high moisture content or corrosion. They are in Seawater, freshwater, and oil firms or devices like marine vessels.

waterproof slip ring

Miniature Slip Ring

Small devices need small slip rings to fit. You might have small tools that need low-controlling signals. A tiny slip ring comes in to help in the transfer of the finals and power. The slip rings find widespread use in sensors, small CCTVs, and control panels to work and need the removal of signals.

miniature slip ring


One cannot exhaust the list of types of slip rings. They are at the center of an automation system that normally rotates to work. The slip ring transfers power, signals, or data needed from the stator to the rotor in some rotating devices. The above are some of the slip types available in the market and their uses.


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