slip rings in the medical field

When it comes to the medical field, there is no room for errors or equipment failure. Medical equipment and applications require top-notch materials that have a better service life and enhanced performance. This equipment should ensure that there are no short circuits while conducting an operation and is safe to use. Computer tomography scanners are very demanding in terms of their components and parts. CT scan machines require top-notch items to operate in a sleek way. Heavy demand and ever-increasing functionality in the field of computer tomography require that machines that are being used to operate on a human being are one of the best and require the best transmission as well as processing systems.

The main challenge and hurdles that computer tomography scanners feel is the ability to transmit data from a stationary part to the rotating one, i.e., to the rotating detector for X-rays. Back in the time, the basic slip ring was used just to transmit and flow the data in CT scanners, but with an ever-rising demand and technological advancement, along with the rising data speed requirement, manufacturers had to look for suitable alternatives. They needed to manufacture a new slip ring that could not only handle the data along the rotating part but also needed the optical data link for transmitting high-rate image data. That is how the slip rings saw an evolution. The application of slip rings in the field of medicine includes digital mammography systems, ultrasound machines, surgical lights, surgical beds, MRI systems, and medical imaging systems.

Digital Mammography Systems

In the field of radiology, slip rings are commonly used in various medical systems. The slip ring technology was made available in the field of CT scanning to enable helical scanning. Before the introduction of Slip Rings, CT scans relied on axial scanning. Due to the advancement in technology, the usage of cables was eliminated by using the rotation of the components. Slip rings work on one basic principle in digital mammography systems, and that is to bring the power of an X-ray tube to a rotating part of the CT scanning machine. In some designs, the case is entirely different. The metal strips enclosed in the CT scanning machines carry away the electrical signals that are provided by the special brushes. These brushes are made up of metal and, in some cases, silver alloys.

Features and Advantages of Slip Ring in Medical Technology

Slip rings play a key role in medical equipment, and thanks to enhanced technology, CT scans are becoming easier than ever. The key features of using slip ring technology in medical equipment include; that it transmits analog and digital signals easily, and there are no wires involved. It is also compatible with the bus data protocol. The most important aspect of using slip rings is that they integrate the power, frequency, and signals into one basic unit, which makes it easier to operate. Because of is a low frictional device, the slip ring runs smooth and doesn’t resist the rotation, which in turn leaves no friction fragments. Due to its compact design, it makes extremely low electrical noise. Because of the presence of advanced fiber brushes, it makes sure that the sound of the machine when it is being operated is minimized. Slip rings are highly précised compact-sized tools and are used in the place of wires because of their longer service life. These things are maintenance-free as there is hardly any case where these things break down. It has revolutionized the industry for quite a while now and is a fundamental part of the medical field now.

Typical Applications of Slip Ring in the Field of Medical

Due to the ever-evolving nature of the medical field, there is a constant demand for heavy technical machinery. Again this demands that the components these machines use are of top quality. To ensure maximum output and unparalleled accuracy, Grand offers reliable performance in numerous kinds of medical applications. Medical centrifuges are the worthy benefactors of slip rings, but slip rings are not only limited to these. These days, CT scanners, Medical Ray Imaging, and other diagnostic equipment also require that slip rings are present. Slip Rings are becoming increasingly popular in airway clearance therapy and mobility equipment. It is also high in demand by medical equipment makers who make patient lifts and patient beds. It has been noticed that companies these days use slip rings in medical pumps, compressors, and sometimes blowers. When it comes to surgical instruments, thanks to the slip rings, sawing and drilling have never been easier than now.

These days free-hanging lamps are used by doctors and surgeons for operations and surgeries. This requires that the free-hanging lights have unrestricted rotation, and these things don’t be a hindrance when it comes to performing these tasks. Thus to ensure the on-site installation and provide the necessary constant power supply, it requires that there is something pluggable used. That is when slip rings come in handy. These pluggable sliding contacts are used to provide HR camera signals in endoscopic devices. In the field of biomedical engineering, slip rings are an integral part of support arm lamps. While making patient lamps, most of the manufacturers are using slip rings as these lamps require something pluggable to be installed.

Inside the Heart of Things

A slip ring works as an electrochemical device, which allows the transmission of power and signals from the static part of a machine to the rotating part without any hindrance. These days almost every industry is using it. It is proving to be equally beneficial in the field of medicine too. Due to this, operations are becoming more straightforward, and surgeries don’t take time life before. Because of its composition of a metal contact brush and stationary graphite, there is no need to attach additional wires to the already packed system. More common slip rings that are used in the field of medicine are wireless, and mercury-wetted slip rings.


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