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The wind turbine slip ring is responsible for the overall power of the wind generator as well as the transmission of data and control signals. The performance of wind power generation systems depends directly on their precision, reliability, and durability.

In order to control the rotating blades of wind turbines, there must be reliable electrical power and data transmission. Slip rings for wind turbines are characterized by elastic lap joints, rolling laps, sealings, and ingenious movement structures.

Additionally, precision parts and reasonable materials are employed in the design. Together, they form a rotary connection system that is durable and reliable. Slip rings are designed specifically for this demanding environment and they deliver both performance and quality. The pitch control slip ring for wind turbine design trends is centered around two things. One, the power output and size of turbines are increasing, which leads to a higher power transfer demand for pitch control slip rings. The monitoring of signal and data handling conditions is yet another requirement.

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The Importance of Wind Turbine Slip Rings

Technology for turbine slip rings has evolved in tandem with the growth of the wind energy industry. The importance of these devices should not be underestimated despite their small size. From the control system for the rotary blades to the nacelle, wind turbines require reliable transmission of power and data, which slip rings are designed to provide. From the nacelle to the rotary blade control system, wind turbines need a reliable transmission of power and data signals. Slip rings offer reliability and quality in end-user environments that are highly demanding. Downtime can be eliminated with fiber brushes and a slip-ring design that offers robust mechanical components.

wind turbine slip rings


What Types of Slip Rings Are Used in Wind Turbines

There are three types of slip rings used in Wind turbines. For larger utility-scale wind turbines, there are two slip rings; one for the hub and one for the generator. Yaw slip rings are used only in the smaller private wind turbines. There are vastly different design challenges and design approaches involved in all three of these.

Hub slip ring: This slip ring is used on the hub of large utility-grade wind turbines.
Generator slip ring: A utility-grade wind turbine uses this part in its generator.
Yaw slip ring: When the small turbines are privately owned, they use yaw slip rings in order to make the turbine head rotate according to the wind.

What Should Be Considered When Selecting Slip Rings for Wind Turbines

  • A hundred million revolutions of maintenance-free operation
  • with no lubrication needed
  • Low wear debris generation
  • Broad operating temperature range
  • Long life cycle
  • Ensures high reliability
  • with no need for periodic inspections

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